Thursday, October 06, 2005

**FLASH**: "Credible Threat" to NYC

NYPD Commisioner Ray Kelly has reported that there is a "credible threat" to NYC - specifically its subway system. (Reuters)

To me, the timing of this threat and its apparent credibility suggest the distinct possibility that this threat is a result of information gathered from recently killed/captured terrorists/jihadists.

Threats derived from computers, documentation, or other sources exploited from recently captured persons are some of the most credible, and turn-around time for operations based on that information is usually within a week (and on-going afterwards).

The two captured persons I am thinking of specifically are the recent suicide bomber in Oklahoma (Hat tip: Mark Tapscott), and the arrest of the Taliban spokesman in Pakistan this weekend. During both incidients, invetigators reported seizing both documents and equipment (computers, fax machines, etc) from the individuals or their homes.

It is possible that information gathered during one of those arrests (or another arrest I haven't mentioned) have led to the "credible threat" information now coming out of NYC. I might even cautiously suggest that the Oklahoma suicide bomber may have been in contact with other jihadists in the U.S. planning similar attacks.

Let us hope that everything turns out alright.


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