Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Hands Off Our Water" Say Great Lakes States

Here's a doozy for ya.

Recently, the 8 Great Lakes States, along with two Canadian provinces, signed an agreement that would prevent all other states in the U.S. from having access to the water in the Great Lakes, which holds 90% of the U.S.' fresh water. (Forbes)

The governors of the states are of course playing this up as an issue of 'conservation' and 'environmental protection', but one can't help but detect a hint of stinginess here.

I'm not saying I disagree with their actions - I'm undecided - but its no more ethical to wrap one's self in environmentalism than it is to wrap one's self in the flag, if that is indeed what they are doing. To do either on dubious terms cheapens those legitimate causes.

The Great Lakes have always been the concern of the Environmental Protection Agency. Worth noting is that there are already at least 140 federal programs to protect the Great Lakes - programs paid for by ALL U.S. TAXPAYERS, not just those of the Great Lakes states. On top of that, the Great Lakes states are now asking U.S. taxpayers to ante up another $300 million in new spending on the Great Lakes. (NYT)


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